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What is Dreams of Kathmandu?

We cannot turn our back to this country… and by applying the funds ourselves, in situations that we know and understand, we are sure that the donations are being well used by the people who really need them.Nepal is in our hearts and this people are like family to us. They have given us so much and one step at a time, we are gonna give it back and continue to make a difference.” Pedro and Ghazal.

The approach of this project, is based on a close proximity and friendship with the people of Nepal. Dreams of Kathmandu is not a Foundation or a NGO. It is simply a name given to the purpose of people helping other people.
We, Pedro and Ghazal, collect funds and apply 100% of those funds in the dreams and needs of the Nepali population. We believe this is the best way to help. With proximity, transparency and without burocracy. 
It can be fundraising for a dentist appointment, donating a freezer to an orphanage or paying a scholarship to a promising student. In orde…

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